Cameron & Stamatina - Villa Botanica Arlie Beach

We had the pleasure of photographing the stunning wedding day of Cameron and Stamatina on the weekend held at the fabulous venue Villa Botanica at Arlie Beach  If you are looking for a venue that feels like your in Bali while being right here in QLD this is it!

The day was truly a magical joining of two families.  It was made even more special being that Cameron is one of our cousins.  Growing up with Cameron and his family we have been lucky to share in many memories together.  This was one of the best weddings we have attended in a long time! There is nothing better than seeing two families come together to celebrate love and this day was nothing short of perfect.  

We hope you enjoy the images we created!  It was an honor to be a part of your day Cameron and Tina!

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Click thumbnails below to view full gallery...

Josh & Jessica's Vow Renewal in Bali

We were honored to be asked to travel to Bali in September this year to photograph a fellow photographer’s vow renewal.  Josh and Jessica celebrated their 7 year wedding anniversary in style.  They travelled all the way from Chicago to stay at the luxurious Ayana resort to celebrate their anniversary and we had so much fun photographing them at the resort, the Rock Bar, Rimba Jimbaran  and around Ubud, Bali.

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Click below to view gallery...

The Wedding of Shaun & Julia

I recently updated my website in March this year and have been eagerly awaiting a great reason to create my first blog post. There is always something special that happens or an amazing moment at every wedding I photograph.  This wedding was particularly special for me.

Julia's brother and I have been best friends for the past 26 years.  I was best man at his wedding as he was at mine.   Owen and I being best friends means that we have spent so many great times together.  Not only as friends but almost like brothers.  Birthdays, weddings, children being born and all the fun in between.  We've done it all together.  Knowing Julia as Owen's sister was another blessing.  I have almost known her, her whole life!

Lets cut to when Julia meets Shaun…

Shaun or Shauny depending on who's talking to him is an amazing young guy full of love, with a beautiful family and a great friend to anyone he meets.  Also devilishly handsome. (lets not get into his six pack, only cause I'm jealous)

To see how Shaun and Julia interact together reminds me of something out of a great love movie.  Not only are they two independently successful young people but when brought together the way they make each other smile is simply amazing.

In saying this it was such an honour to then be photographing their wedding.  Although I must admit that for some reason I was kind of nervous!

Shaun and Julia are an amazing couple.  It was an honour to be such an integral part of their wedding and I thank them for trusting me to photograph one of the most special days they will spend together.

Both of them have kind hearts, such a zest for life and a love for each other that is so clear it is very hard to ignore.